Oct 09 2010

Nudists article: Cruise company launches cruises for nudists

Last year, the implementation of the cruise tours was so tight that the question was put the very existence of the cruisesector in the U.S.. However, the leading cruise companies have proposed a new program – <nudist cruise>, which, in their opinion, should gain more popularity in 2010. Nudists (or naturists) will have the opportunity to travel on the largest cruise ships in the nude. They are asked to dress only when logging in restoran.Administratsiya Port Canaveral, cruise ships where passengers booking fishing trips and dine in restaurants, welcomes any economically viable initiatives. <The emergence of such ideas in the cruise sector is not surprising – notes operator fishing tours, Tony Adams. – Maintain a business requires a large supply of ingenuity. Concrete proposals for the nudist cruise from Port Canaveral has not yet happened, but analysts believe this initiative quite promising “, – concludes Adams.

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