Aug 21 2011

NF Nudists Family at Farm

Documentary film about nudists families – they have gathered for joint naked pastime.
Some easy communicate substituting a naked body to solar beams, someone conducts drawing lessons on a body.
Children of nudists frolic there and then with the contemporaries stark naked – jump on a trampoline, lap in small pool …
We suggest to download documentary video about rest of nudists by families.
Family nudism types the increasing turns both in western, and in east countries. Families of nudists have a rest not only separate families, but also gather for dialogue. Thus remove the rest on video and exchange the received materials with the adherents.
Except documentary video about family nudism on a site it is possible to download and a photo (photos) about a family nudism / naturism.

Format: AVI
Genre: Family Nudism / Naturism. Family nudism / naturism.
Duration: 00:55:18
Resolution: 640×476
Bitrate: 3687 kbps


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